Why Call in a Burlington Electrician When Lights are Flickering

Why Call in a Burlington Electrician When Lights are Flickering

Having flickering lights may not necessarily mean that are is a serious issue with the electrical system. However, if you have lights that are flickering every now and then, it may need the attention of a Burlington electrician. You want to find out which lights flicker most and how. There are many things that can cause lights to flicker, and the most important is to ensure that your electrical system is stable and does not present safety hazards to your family. If you have noticed your lights flickering for long, don’t hesitate to contact an electrician. The problem may be more serious than you think.

Why do Lights Flickers

Sometimes, you may notice that only one light bulb flickers. If this is the case, then it may be an issue related to the bulb that is flickering. So you should ensure the bulb is firmly screwed. When you have bulbs that are out of place, it may mean that the connection with sockets is compromised.  Consider unscrewing the bulbs then screwing them back just to make sure they are properly hooked and not loose or crooked. If you are working on your lights, make sure you switch the electricity off to prevent electrical shorts and other dangers.

If you have all your lights flickering, it could be a big problem. It may be caused by something like an inclement weather, overloading of the electrical system, or fluctuation of the home’s voltage. If this is the case, you need to seek a professional in electrical works to check the electrical system. You may want to take note of how the flickering happens, and when it happens so that you provide those details to the electrician.

When Not to Deal With Flickering Lights

If all the light bulbs in the house are flickering, you may want to leave that problem to an electrician. It is important that the electrical system is inspected to find out the cause of the problem. In-depth electrical work may be dangerous and if you are not experienced in this job you better leave it to the professionals. Again, if you notice that the lights flicker when you switch on appliance that you recently brought in the house for example, a dryer machine, then you want an electrician involved in checking the problem. Also, if bad weather is causing flickering, call in an electrician and remember that dealing with electricity in times of inclement weather can be very dangerous.burlington-electrician

Why Hire a Professional to Deal With Flickering Lights

An electrician can help deal with flickering lights by identifying the cause. The explanations for flickering bulbs are many, and depending on the cause, the electrician will provide the right solution.

Sometimes, you may have lights that flicker and after sometime, they fully light up. This may be a normal scenario, especially if you have fluorescent bulbs. However, at other times, it could mean an aging electrical system that properly needs an upgrade. It may also mean that there is instability with the electrical voltage, something that needs to be checked.

You may also want to know that many of the energy-saving bulbs you have in your homes will take some few minutes before they can fully brighten after switching them on. Again, this is pretty normal and you should expect it. If you don’t know what’s causing lights to flicker, just consider calling in a Burlington electrician to check things out.

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